Therasage: Health-Promoting Effect & Golden Rules

In the winter months, you are affected by the cold and damp. The immune system is now particularly challenged. A popular way of giving yourself warmth in winter is through sauna. A stay in the therasage can contribute significantly to the relaxation of body and mind and strengthens the immune system with regular use.

Effect of therasage on body and mind

The high temperatures promote blood circulation and relaxation of the skin and muscles, so that painful tension can be relieved. This ensures that you feel very balanced and noticeably relaxed after the sauna. In addition, the change between hot and cold temperatures ensures that the immune system is strengthened. The heat regulation system is trained, which also improves the feeling of cold.

This is due to the fact that the body temperature increases by one to two degrees during the sauna session. The warming of the body is like a temporary fever. Interleukins activate the defenses of the blood-forming system so that potential pathogens are eliminated. The heart rate increases as the blood vessels expand, which trains the heart. The interaction between the heat stimulus and the subsequent cold stimulus also strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Ultimately, the sauna also stimulates the body’s metabolism and sweat production, which boosts detoxification and elimination through the skin. A sauna session can also provide relief for skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis. In particular, saunas with high humidity can have a positive effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. So, respiratory diseases and colds are prevented.


Taking therasage properly: What you should consider

Do not go to the sauna on an empty stomach or immediately after eating. No alcohol.

For reasons of hygiene, shower beforehand and then dry off well, as dry skin perspires more easily.

If you like, you can warm up with a warm foot bath at the beginning and thus prepare yourself for the high temperatures.

The actual sauna session: For reasons of hygiene, put a towel underneath.

A warm foot bath is recommended afterwards so that the blood vessels in the skin dilate again and the remaining heat that has accumulated in the body can be discharged.

Rest at least 15-30 minutes between sauna sessions.

It is recommended to drink after the last sauna session to maximize detoxification. Drink enough liquid to compensate for the loss of water from sweating.

Finally, shower to clean the skin of remaining sweat. Since sweating renews the skin’s healthy protective acid mantle, you should avoid using shower gel.