How To Do Facial Massage For Health And Wrinkles

Modern women do cosmetic procedures, expensive cosmetics, and even surgical interventions to look young. However, often none of these methods give a guarantee that the result will be safe and natural. In the best case, you are left with your old wrinkles. In the worst case, you get a stone face with traces of a failed operation. Why go to extremes if you can tighten your face without impressive costs and most importantly absolutely safe? Facial and other types of massage in Budapest (masszor budapest) can help tighten your face and keep you healthy.

History of facial massage

The facial massage was known in ancient Egypt. The beautiful Cleopatra massaged her face with warm and icy stones, and other various rough objects. Perhaps it was this secret of cosmetology that helped her become famous for her unprecedented beauty and smoothness of her skin.


Health benefits of facial skin massage

Facial massage improves blood circulation in the epidermis, which increases the nutrition of skin cells. The dermis is saturated with vitamins, minerals, and oxygen.

Regular massage trains the muscles of the face,  prevents them from sagging and tones them up. Thanks to this, the face noticeably tightens, the brill disappears, and the overhang of the upper eyelid becomes much less noticeable.

Wrinkle massage removes the top layer of the stratum corneum, leaving the surface smooth and tender. Regular peeling accelerates the regeneration of the skin, making it renew and look younger.

Constant stimulation of the skin leads to accelerated production of collagen and elastin. Thanks to this, the skin becomes more elastic and even.

Normalization of blood circulation eliminates broken capillaries, age spots, and heterogeneous color. The skin acquires a smooth and calm shade without defects.

If you do the massage constantly, you can significantly reduce folds in the nasolabial triangle and wrinkles around the eyes. At the same time, the general condition of the skin improves. It becomes toned and fresh.

If you suffer from facial swelling, a massage will help you rid your skin of excess fluid. This is especially necessary for women suffering from bags under the eyes.

In addition to enhancing effects, massage helps to deal with health issues. A measured comforting face massage relaxes, soothes, and relieves insomnia and headaches.

Facial massage is not just about clearing out existing wrinkles. Constant stimulation of the skin is an outstanding protection and prevention of possible irregularities and wrinkles.