Western Diet – A Major Cause of Obesity in World’s Fattest Countries

At present, and on a global scale, the US is the 12th fattest country. for having an obesity rate of 69.9%, representing ⅓ of the country’s adult population. Despite sliding down from a previous ranking of 9th with an obesity rate of 74.1%, the actual number of obese American adults is still alarming. Mainly because, the size of the US population is actually 20 time larger than each of the top 10 countries listed as the most obese nations, namely: Nauru, Cook Islands, Palau, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Nine, Tonga, Samoa, Kitibati and Micronesia. Yet the more important revelation is that the prevalence of Western diet is still the main cause of obesity among these nations.

What Exactly is the Western Diet?

The Western Diet is described as a modern dietary model generally consisting of pre-packaged meals that typically include refined grains, red meat, fried food, processed meats, high sugar beverages, high fat dairy products, eggs, corn, high fructose corn sytup, pastries, candies and other sweet treats.

A common and main ingredient forming part of most Western fast food dishes and baked goodies is transfat, Transfat is actually regarded as one of the most unhealthy ingredients of the Western Diet. Mainly because it promotes the production of fats, which are stored in fat cells rather than burned. Moreover, trans fats can cause inflammation, which can slow down metabolism. A slow metabolism in turn, lowers the ability of the body to convert fat into usable energy.

Nutrition experts explain that in addition to high intakes of food following the Western diet pattern, low consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle, are factors that contribute to the accumulation of fat leading to excessive weight gain. What nutrition experts suggest is for people to avoid consumption of trans fat with the following ingredients:

Healthy Whole-Grain Foods like barley, whole-wheat bread, pasta, oat meal and brown rice;

Foods with Monounsaturated Fats like olives, avocados, almonds, hazelnuts, peanut, pecans, sesame seeds, pumpkin and canola oil;

Foods with Polyunsaturated Fats like fish, corn, sunflower, soybean and flaxseed,

On that note, make it a habit to read food labels as doing so can help. in determining whether a food product contains, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats.

Speed Up Metabolism by Taking Fat Burner Supplements

Replacing one’s nutrition with healthy food options and becoming more physically active are the right steps to take in addressing obesity-related  health problems. Fasting or dieting to speed up weight loss achievement is no longer as widely recommended because the outcomes include unfavorable conditions such as irritability and lack of energy.

A safer and better option is to take a brand of weight loss supplement that acts as a fast-acting fat burner. However be sure to read up on customer reviews and feedback to ascertain that the product really works. If you are to read Phenq customer reviews, you will note that most users vouch the efficiency of the product in managing fat production, storage and energy conversion.