How Dentists Deal With Odor

Dentist doing a procedure on a patient


Like in the case of obstetrics and gynecologists, the profession of a dentist is not a very fragrant job. The person who usually keeps their mouth clean, the one who does not smoke, the middle ager that sprinkles even fresh perfume like Baccarat Rouge 540, how happy you would be if you treated only these people, but in fact, the vast majority of patients don’t. There are even quite a few women who come to the dentist and pretend not to smoke, but they can’t fool a dentist with a sense better than Sherlock Holmes.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily smell in the mouth, the smell particles adsorb on hair and clothes made up of proteins, so if you treat it up close, it’s unintentional pain (?) There are times when you receive. A typical case of such a situation is when periodontal disease is severe, and the smell of boiling is added to the bone. You may have experienced it, but if you’ve taken an enclosed taxi, your gums are bad, and you’re the only one who’s forced to smoke, it’s a living hell. What would you have lied about and even got off in the middle?

I’m sorry for those who dig fish before the market, but they also smell a bit rotten. Of course, it’s from hair and clothes, but I hold my breath for 30 seconds, then rest and treat it to the end. The smell you get from hard work is a nasty smell of life, even though it’s nasty.

Aside from poor oral conditions, unique body odor, smoking, etc., there is another thing that bothers us.

That’s the smell of food. Especially in the first patients in the morning and the food smells from patients after 2 pm. Usually, you brush your brushing before you come to the dentist, but there are quite a few foods that don’t smell well with a single brush. The worst of these is when you come from the morning with bulgogi. The distinctive garlic smell that enters the bulgogi overwhelms all odors.


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That’s what Japanese manga I’m reading these days. The main character puts bonito sashimi and garlic mince in front of him, and he can’t put chopsticks on them. That’s because there’s a business consultation the next morning. It’s about eating garlic to catch the fishy smell of bonito, and after a day, the smell of garlic goes through the fluids, which scares the Japanese people. Redfish is also formidable. I woke up in the evening eating redfish sashimi, but the bedding smelled like redfish.

When we go abroad, foreigners smell garlic in our bodies, but just as we don’t recognize it at all, they never know what they’re aiming for, and they only feel it. That’s why you need a little dark cosmetics or perfume when you meet foreigners.

Kimchi is a food that is paired with bulgogi. If you’re staying or kimchi, you’ll have a little lying and having trouble breathing. Furthermore, when I come to the dentist just as I wore it when I ate, I come to work with me from both the mouth and the outside of the mouth.

Of course, I often eat kimchi or baguettes at lunchtime. Of course, patients will hate the smell from me, so I’m going to take precautions. Once on the sleeve of the shirt, the skin is sprayed on the clothes because the smell is exhausted. The hands must be washed with cleaning agents and brushing your brushing is more than twice as long.

But what if it smells… I can’t give up kimchi, and the patient will give me up.

It’s a little different, but when I took a taxi after my previous appointment, the driver often asked me if I worked in dentistry. Nowadays, there are a lot of smelly ingredients gone, but in the past, FC, eugenol, and various disinfectants smelled so strong that others would quickly notice my job.

If dentistry is located in a mixed-use shopping district, there are a few neighboring industries that you want to avoid.

The first thing is a Chinese house. In the morning, the smell of stir-frying turns the whole shopping street upside down. Similarly, the smell of medicine in the laundry is as intimidating as the laundry that took over the hallway. I’ll tell you with the same medical industry, but even if you have a good doctor, you’re toiling. The smell of Chinese medicine moon is really painful. Especially in the time leading up to the exam, there are a lot of intelligent baths going out, and our neighbors even get dumbfounded by the smell.