Todays’s Most Common Dental Issues

We always want healthy gums and teeth for a lovely smile, fresh breath, and a boost in self belief. However, did you know that almost half of all adults have or have experienced halitosis (bad breath)? It is among the most familiar dental problems, but it is also among the most easily treated.  Here’s a look at halitosis, as well as common dental problems.



Decay of the Teeth

Dental cavities and dental caries are other terms for tooth decay. It’s the most commonly diagnosed concern that dental professionals see in their patients. Everyone has experienced dental problems at a certain time in their lives.

Dental decay occurs when germs produce a film upon that tooth’s surface that is called plaque. Acids are made by organisms from sweeteners in food. The enzymes eat away at and permanently damage the tooth’s outer layer or the enamel. The acids then begin to attack the dentin innermost layer the enamel, which is softer.


Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis is indeed a classic symptom of gum problem or gum disease in its initial stages. It is an infection caused by plaque accumulation. Gums that are swollen, red, and bleed easily are typical problems. You may also suffer from bad breath and delicate dentures that hurt when trying to eat.