Why Tooth Brushing is Critical to Have a Long Life?

Think again if you believed maintaining good oral hygiene was the only way to prevent gum disease. Periodontitis, another name for gum disease, may indicate more severe health issues extending well beyond your mouth. It turns out that the condition of your gums might affect your overall long-term health, from head to toe.

Other Health Conditions Associated with Gum Disease

1-Increased Risk of Heart Disease

According to research, you can add gum disease to the expanding list of variables that raise your risk of developing heart disease. The stronger the periodontitis, the stronger the link.

The study found that those with gum disease had a 49% higher risk of developing heart issues than those with healthy gums.

2-Potential Development of Autoimmune Diseases and Mental Health Issues

Having bad dental health might also affect your mental wellness. The University of Birmingham researchers said that getting gum disease over the next few years can make someone more likely to experience anxiety and sadness.

3-9X More Possibility to Die from COVID-19

It’s no secret that patients have been reluctant to visit the dentist during COVID-19 because of all the microscopic particles that can fly through the air. However, obtaining a cleaning could save the lives of those with gum problems. Those with gum disease who get COVID-19 have a frightening nine-fold increased risk of dying.